You Wanna Hear Luck?

A Musical Satire in Two Acts  •  Book & Lyrics: Ruth Pleva & Elly Rakowitz  •  Music: Herb Sweet & Ruth Pleva 
© 2010 Luck Productions, LLC.

Creation of LUCK

 How LUCK Came to Be:

Ruth's and Elly's imaginations were stirred by reading Mark Twain’s Letters From the Earth, which supposed that letters were written by Satan from Earth to his fellow archangels in Heaven. He wrote of the craziness of God’s human creations and how these amazingly clueless people visualized what Heaven is like: so far from what the archangels knew to be heavenly reality! 
             Conversely, Ruth and Elly wondered what Heavenly Inhabitants might truly make of the Earthly chaos of the 1960's and 70's -- the raging racism, the Vietnam War, political dissent, lack of religious freedom, among other issues -- such Earthly behavior that never seems to cease.  And so,  a few of the same "amazingly clueless people" of Mark Twain's vision of Earth's population -- became those beings who now arrive in LUCK's Heaven1 (You wanna hear luck??)

 Where the Title Came From:

While in a hair salon having her hair coiffed, Ruth overheard a customer bemoaning her misfortunes to another woman, such as: “…and there I was, you wanna hear luck? Totally not ready for my guests!” and the other woman responded with: “Oh, well you wanna hear more luck?  I wore the same gown as the mother of the bride! That’s luck!” And on they went…and then on we went, incorporating the poor-me-what-terrible-luck theme into the show, having three characters bemoaning their terrible luck in the one-upmanship song, Wanna Hear Luck?

How Ruth & Elly Discovered Composer Herb:

           While marketing our musical, You Be the Doctor!, an adaptation of Moliere's "The Physician In Spite of Himself", we submitted the music and script to Herb Sweet, who owned a theater in Nantucket.  He was very impressed but was in the process of selling his theater.  However, he suggested that the three of us might collaborate on something new.  Coincidentally, we had just begun to conceive You Wanna Hear Luck?  The timing was extraordinary -- as was the collaboration!

The Collaboration Process:

Most of  LUCK's songs began with the lyrics that Elly and Ruth wrote and then brought to Herb at his home studio. Herb told them how inspiring our words were, how easily they led him to the right rhythm and melody for each. And then, when he tinkled the piano keys and started a melody, with a little input from them, the song was created.
              Later in  LUCK's development, several songs were added with music and lyrics by Ruth.


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