You Wanna Hear Luck?

A Musical Satire in Two Acts  •  Book & Lyrics: Ruth Pleva & Elly Rakowitz  •  Music: Herb Sweet & Ruth Pleva 
© 2010 Luck Productions, LLC.



Winner of 2014  IMEA (International Music & Entertainment Association) Award for
Outstanding Original Book  of a Musical
 Nominated for Outstanding Original Score of a Musical

           Luck’s opening song, In Your Mind, sets up the theme of the show:              

           Ingrained in the minds of all too many whites is fear, distrust and the perception that the black man is hateful and dangerous - a threat to the white man, his home, his family and his very life: the basis of racism.

           Luck brings this out up front, faces the reality, deals with it – but does not solve it. Unfortunately, racism remains a fact of life, despite the unending struggle, the achievements, the successes of the black man and the fact that America has elected its first black president. It is not over. And this is why Luck is so relevant, so powerful and so needed to be seen and heard.


YOU WANNA HEAR LUCK? – packed with music, comedy and intrigue – explores what happens when three white bigots in America’s deep south in the mid-60’s are accidentally killed when a peaceful protest turns into a race riot – instigated by white Mayor Millis who calls in the militia. 
          Inexplicably, the three bigots arrive in Heaven where they are horrified to discover that their world has been turned upside down: This is a happily integrated Heaven -- and “you wanna hear luck?” It is black dominated with – oh my God – a black God! As the bigots wreak havoc with their attempts to recreate Earth in Heaven, we see the Heavenly Inhabitants’ terror at losing the peace and tranquility denied to them on Earth but finally achieved in Heaven. They now struggle to keep their posthumous homeland intact.
            Relationships change, altercations abound. David, our black protagonist, cannot forget the racism and death he experienced at the hands of the Klan. He is horrified imagining what will happen to his peaceful Heaven falling victim to these menacing interlopers. His anguish is exacerbated by regular news bulletin, which provide shocking racial, political and religious news of hatred and bigotry on Earth.  
Conflict between David and his love, Evie, escalates around his obsession with racism on Earth. David questions Evie’s equally strong obsession with not looking down, thereby opening Pandora’s Box.
            The bigots’ outrageous plans to support Mayor Millis’ incredulous campaign to run for the position of God is making Heaven into a veritable Hell. Were it only that God had the power to order the white female Devil to take those evil souls to Hell where they belong, all would be resolved. However, that power eludes him and the unspeakable price exacted by the Devil is one he is not willing to pay. Refusing to make such a deal with the Devil, God finally musters his creative abilities to dramatically bring about the surprising climax which allows Heaven to rest in peace.    

          Mayor Millis expresses his campaign strategy in song:  IF YOU SAY IT AGAIN:     

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